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Office Lady (OL) Hair Colour Ideas 2018

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

I used to play with hair colours a lot when I was studying but after I started working, I’m somewhat restricted to have a more natural looking hair colour. Thankfully for me, Selyn from Style Na Hair Salon is really a pro at doing different subtle interesting hair colour looks for me that are appropriate for work!

Selyn is aware that I’m not allowed to go too crazy with my hair colour and will always tell me in advance if certain colours require bleaching (cause bleached hair will always turn brighter after a few washes). So if you bored of that same black/brown hair for work, here are some hair colour ideas to help you spice up your hair a little in 2018 yet doesn’t break your office dress code!

Midnight Blue

This is my latest hair colour done by Selyn. We tried blue cause I realised I haven’t tried any blue shades of hair colour before (other than the rainbow one I did years back)! The brown blends really well with the charcoal blue, to the extent the colour is only obvious under the sun. I have no idea how Selyn did it but it looks like ash Brown when I'm indoors and the blue only appears when I'm under the sun.

For this hair colour, Selyn told me the colour will fade to a brighter shade in two weeks. I am really impressed how the lighter parts just look like they were reflecting the light hehe. I’m guessing it’s cause the Balayage technique used by Selyn! Btw, as I’m writing this post, it has been about a month since I coloured. Two weeks after I coloured, I could still see some bluish hues but now it somewhat faded to a ashy brown colour that still blends really well with the brown base! My hair colour looks like a brown balayage now. Come to think of it, this hair colour is perfect for those who want 2 weeks to a month (depending on hair type) of playful hair that can blend into a natural looking hair colour!

Brown Balayage

Still brown but different. Balayage is a really popular colouring technique and I’m glad my hairstylist, Selyn, is a pro in this! She is able to blend all the colours together really well, creating natural looking highlights and lowlights to add “volume” to the hair. Other than adding volume, this hair colour is really lasting cause the colours are so well blended the roots don’t look that obvious when your hair grows longer!

This is like a go-to hair colour for me cause the colour is so lasting. I’ve been doing this brown balayage with different shades of brown hahahas!

Dark Violet

This dark violet colour appears differently under different lighting too! It can be a little bright under the sun, however, it's rather toned down indoors and I didn't have any issues with this hair colour at work!

For this hair colour, Selyn basically did a single dark violet colour over my previous hair which already had highlights and lowlights. You can do a single colour if you want but I always do have highlights/lowlights so my hair colour can last longer as the roots can blend in easily. That’s my little tip to make any hair colour look like it’s new when I only colour my hair once or twice a year!

For those who want to further spice up your hair a little, I would suggest you look for Selyn to do an s-curl (with Mucota treatment I think) too cause my previous curls lasted for over 6 months! It will actually still be there if I didn’t chop my hair hahas. But for those who’ve been following me, my hair is stubbornly straight and curls usually start to straighten after one or two month.

I would highly recommend that you visit Style Na Korean Hair Salon @ Parkway Parade and look for Selyn to colour your hair or do the s-curl! Also, Tino at Pro Trim Hair Salon @ Takashimaya is really good at cutting different hairstyles to suit different face shapes! So feel free to check out any of the Style Na Korean Hair Salon or Pro Trim Hair Salon outlets.

Style Na Korean Hair Salon
Parkway Parade #02-67
80 Marine Parade Road
Singapore 449269
Contact: 6348 8035 / 6348 8106

Pro Trim Hair Salon
Ngee Ann City Tower A # 05-28
391A Orchard Road, S238873
Contact: 6235 5516 / 6235 0507

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