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My Hair Journey with Pro Trim Hair Salon #10

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

So I visited Style Na Hair Salon @ Parkway Parade (sister company of Pro Trim Hair Salon) a couple of weeks back for a hair treatment cause Selyn is currently at that branch! For those who followed my blog long enough, you would know that I always go to Selyn if I need a new hair colour or a hair treatment! ;)

This time I tried Loreal's new Pro Fiber Hair Treatment - Restore, Regenerate, Auto-regenerate. And I have to say... it's really good and the effects lasted for weeks (though I didn't use conditioner hahahas).

Batman at work hahahas. Anyway currently Selyn is at this outlet cause it's Style Na Hair Salon's newest branch!

Here's the before and after! My hair became way smoother and also more shiny! And Selyn blow dried my hair into pretty korean curls.

Here's a selfie with Selyn and also my final look after treatment and blow drying! P.S I don't think my hair colour is that bright in real life... it's just the lighting :/

I shall end off the post with an OOTD taken at my friend's wedding. Thank you Selyn and Loreal for pampering my hair!


Style Na Hair Korean Salon 
Parkway Parade #02-67
80 Marine Parade Rd
Singapore 449269
Contact: 6348 8035/8106


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  2. Hi,

    May I know how much is the pro fibre treatment?
    My salon wanted to charge me $350++ for the treatment, so wanna find out if they are over charging me.

    1. Hello,

      It's about $110 to $140 (depending on hair length) at Pro Trim Hair Salon and Stylena Hair Salon. Hope that helps! :)