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My Hair Journey with Pro Trim Hair Salon #9

Saturday, 26 September 2015

It has been 3 months since I last visited Pro Trim and at I think 9 months since I last had a haircut hahahas. So...

This was my hair length when I visited Tino at Pro Trim @313! I didn't really wanna chop my hair cause I actually like this hairstyle with some curls at the end. But... sadly I had to chop them cause the ends of my hair was quite dry. I can only blame myself for not using conditioner :/

Tino giving me a new haircut! He was thinking of making me perm my hair again but worried that my hair is not suitable for perms since it was so dry. So I only had a haircut that day since I was gonna find Selyn to color my hair the next day.

On the left: After haircut and with temp curls
On the right: Next day hair with only a bit of waves left
As you can tell... curls doesn't really stay on my stubborn hair hahas. I didn't even do anything to it and they were gone the next day!

Anyways, day 2 I was at Style Na Korean Hair Salon to look for Selyn who is currently helping there! The last I heard Selyn will only be there till end Sep though. So it would be better to call and check the schedule before you pop by!

I had a hair treatment, ceramic perm and color by Selyn that day! The plan was to have a hair treatment and perm first then decide if I can continue with coloring cause it can be quite damaging to the hair if the prepping wasn't done well and timing is not controlled well! That's why most of the time you are advised to let your chemical treated hair "rest" for 2 weeks before doing another chemical treatment.

Ceremic perming my hair after hair treatment. During treating I was like "my hair quite dry though the ends chopped off ehh" and Selyn was like "cause you don't use conditioner what". True true hahas. But can't help it cause I cannot stand how conditioners always leave the hair oily!

Selyn busy perming my hair and me chilling and taking photos hehe. Btw, it's first time using the ceramic perm machine. I was told that it can give you lose curls too and it's meant for stubborn hair like mine and it adds volume to the hair! :) Oh and Selyn purposely perm it in such a way that it won't bounce up cause I didn't want my hair to end up looking too short.

Tadah! There's how it looks like after the perm. Selyn was like "it's amazing how Tino cut it in 4 layers that is good for straight and perm hair cause you all didn't plan to perm". Selyn also super pro perm it in such a way it blends nicely with my old hair color! Now you know why I only look for Tino and Selyn for my hair?

After my hair color! Was able to color my hair cause Selyn controlled the treatment and timing really well and my hair wasn't dry at all! Selyn used their new copper color and blonde on my hair. Fyi, I always get compliments whenever Selyn gives me a new hair color. The new one always surpasses the previous even though the previous was already very well done! And... I think I really cannot live with straight hair anymore :/

The new copper color is so pretty! Sorry honey brown, I think I found a new favorite color hahahas. I think the color is quite similar to the currently trending Marsala color but it is still closer to copper. As usual, Selyn will never leave my hair with one single solid colour so blonde was added to create the face slimming v-look effect!

Anyways, I ran out of my Moroccanoil and Selyn gave me this new Kerastase Chronologiste Fragrant Oil which I agree is better than Moroccanoil cause it's so light! Also, because it is a fragrant oil, the smell is super nice and it actually lasts longer to the extent my colleague asked if I used a new perfume lols. For those who are interested, you can get your hands on one at any Pro Trim Hair Salon outlets or Style Na Hair Korean Salon at $78!

P.S I really like how Tino cut my hair cause now I can have fake short hair too hahas. That's all for this post! Pro Trim and Style Na Hair's addresses, contact numbers and operating hours can be found below~


Pro Trim Hair Salon @ 313
313@Somerset #B1-35/36,
313 Orchard Road
Singapore S238895
Contact: 6238 7027
Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 8:30 pm

Style Na Hair Korean Salon

Bedok Mall #B1-57, 
311 New Upper Changi Road 
Singapore 467360
Contact: 63849180 / 6384 9181
Mon-Sun: 10:30 am-9:30 pm

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