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My Hair Journey with Pro Trim Hair Salon #8

Sunday, 7 June 2015

My hair got a little dry lately cause, as usual, girl here haven't been using conditioner :/ So I made an appointment at Pro Trim to save my hair and revive it for the Love for the Stars Gala Dinner Concert :)

How my hair looked like before coloring and treatments! I know I know, it looks really dry and I'm surprised how I still have bleached ends left hahas. Oh btw, my curl is in a mess cause I didn't dry my hair properly the previous night :/ How my curls looks the next day is determined by how I dry my hair and most of the time I dry my hair by combing it straight. But every time I wash my hair, the full curls will always come back! :)

So I colored my hair, did a hair treatment, a scalp treatment and blow dried my hair. All done in 2.5hours. Mad rush for Selyn cause initially we didn't plan to color but the hair roots were just too irritating. Opps. Thank you Selyn!!!

Yay to less ahlian hair! The previous hair color faded and looked really light on me due to bleached hair lols. So I toned down even more this time before doing all the hair treatments. P.S Can you tell that my curls are almost half a year old? ;)

Tadah! The final look taken at the gala dinner with the artworks there were auctioned off at $800,000~ Thank you Pro Trim! :)

Ending this post with a selfie taken at the event! For those who would like to have a new hairdo, do visit Pro Trim Hair Salon @ 313 and look for Tino and Selyn!


Pro Trim Hair Salon @ 313
313@Somerset #B1-35/36,
313 Orchard Road
Singapore S238895

Contact: 6238 7027
Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 8:30 pm

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