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My Hair Journey with Pro Trim Hair Salon #7

Saturday, 28 February 2015

I'm back with another Pro Trim blog post and this time with... a very very very different hairstyle! I digital perm my hair for the very first time in my life! The mucota digital perm was a lil more diff, it only sort of gave the ends my my hair a c curve. This time this digital perm is a real curl perm!

Selyn knew I liked the hair perm he did for me last time and kept asking me to digital perm my hair. But I was like... "later then see how la" cause in my mind, this is how permanent perm looks like:

Photo credit: becomegorgeous

Okay I exaggerated but you get what I mean right? Those super small tight tiny strand curls hairstyle. I know it suits some people but it doesn't suit me! :/ Sua ku max but I really didn't know that it's possible to do a permanent loose curl! Cause every time I hear people say their hair curl can only be done using curling tongs. For those who are as blur as me, digital perm (with larger coils) can actually look like this:

Photo credit: Pinterest

So I visited Pro Trim with the intention to color my roots and do a treatment, but I ended up perming my hair and doing a treatment hehe. Throughout the perm process Selyn was like "don't worry, I use large coils, I know how old you are la". Selyn can really read my mind hahahas! I'm super scared of tight small curls!

After that I had a scalp treatment done cause my scalp has been quite sensitive lately. My scalp was feeling way less irritated after the treatment! The last scalp treatment I had was about 2 months back? So Selyn was telling me it's time to do another treatment cause the scalp cells regenerate every month. P.S I really learn a lot from Selyn hahas.

Here's how my hair looks like at the end of my digital perm + scalp treatment! It may look a lil dry in the photos due to my bleached hair ends. P.S If you bleached your hair before, your hair color will lighten after any heat and chemical treatments! So yeah, my bleach hair appeared. Everyone thought I colored and perm my hair. Quite a few thought my curls were temporary curls and not a perm cause it didn't feel dry at all! Also, I think not many know that a perm can achieve such curls?

If you are wondering, I didn't really take many photos at the salon during this visit cause I wasn't feeling well. Visited them on a sunday after falling catching a flu on Wednesday. Went ahead with going to Pro Trim cause the appointment was pre-booked, I was feeling better then and also due to vanity hahas. It was 5 days before CNY, how can I not do my hair right?! And during the two days MC I could work from home too, just that I took med and had to keep sleeping. Oh and I realized one thing, when I am not feeling, everyone could tell lols. It happened in my office and it happened at pro trim too. I guess it might be cause I am exceptionally quiet when I am not feeling well?

Anyways, that's the story of my Pro Trim visit hahas. Above is a photo I took during CNY. Really loving my curls now! It's so convenient cause I don't need to comb the ends of my hair in the morning. I cannot even if I want to cause it will cause frizz! Fyi, curled hair can only be combed when wet! See, another thing learnt at Pro Trim ;) Oh but it can be a lil troublesome to have curls too cause I have to twirl them before drying hahas.

Btw, I only trust Pro Trim with my hair now. My friends went to Batam to do their hair and I was a lil tempted too cause it was really cheap but I held myself back cause I don't know what might happen to my hair. End up one of my friend's hair got burnt by them during a perm! Scary max. Ok there are definitely decent salons in Batam but I think you will have to do your research before that! Conclusion: I will only leave my hair in the hands of a professional salon like Pro Trim Hair Salon. 

Another photo taken during CNY with my side view. My Balayage inspired hair coloring is more obvious in this photo too! I've been with Pro Trim for more than a year, done lots of chemical treatments and I think my hair still isn't that dry! Fyi, I don't use conditioner at all and only use hair oil once a week lols. I think conditioner makes my hair even oilier so I decided to skip it all together :/ So yes, my hair has been well taken care of by Pro Trim! ♥ Thank you Pro Trim for my pretty hair!


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