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My Hair Journey with Pro Trim Hair Salon #5

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Back for another hair pampering session at Pro Trim!
Had a haircut, coloring and treatments!


As usual, start off with haircut by Tino! :)
Notice Tino was in white and red?
That was 1st of Aug and Selyn said Tino's gonna wear red and white till National Day!

Colored my roots and ends plus highlights!

It's actually the same color! Not sure why it appeared lighter.
Maybe cause I sat right under the lights?
But if you compare a photo below with my previous blogpost, you can see it's the same color.
Cause if you spot the lime green board in the background, it got lighter and brighter too lols.

Anyways, I only colored my roots, ends and added new highlights!
Roots in the same color as last time.
Ends darker, a dark violet rose color.
Selyn told me it with fade to a rose blonde color!
(Bleached hairs don't hold colors well. That's why my ends keep fading to a yellow blonde color)
Highlights were slightly lighter that my previous honey brown hair color.
But it blends nicely in my hair! Not those ah lian kind of highlights ;)
It was more for giving my hair a natural "shine" and when my roots grow, it all gets blended.
That way, the roots won't look too obvious!

Next Selyn helped me do a scalp treatment and hair treatment!
The scalp treatment was a Keratase Sensitive Scalp Treatment.
My scalp has always been very sensitive :(
The hair treatment was a Five Step Mucota Hair Treatment.
Something to treat my dry hair...

These were the products used for the Five Step Mucota Hair Treatment :)
Selyn took this photo for me while I was enjoying a hair mask at the wash area hahas.

My hair before and after treatment.
The photo doesn't even do my after hair justice.
My hair was way softer after the treatment!
And it has been 2 weeks but my hair is still very smooth now!
P.S I haven't been using conditioner lols.

The dark rose violet colors was added to the ends of my hair.
Initially I thought Selyn was only gonna color the yellow blonde parts of my ends.
But end up Selyn colored all to give it a shadow-ish ombre look.
This helps to contour the face too! :)

Here's the final look!
Spot Tino photobombing me hahahas.

Oh and while I was coloring my hair, 3 girls came to ask about Pro Trim's Volume Root Perm!
Tino looked at their hair condition and analyze if it was suitable for them.
He told a girl that the treatment she was interested in won't make much of a diff to her hair?
And that girl even commented "You are really honest."
So yupps! Pro Trim is the salon that I trust!
They really know a lot so they can advise you what is suitable/not suitable/better for your hair.
Selyn was also telling me each hair follicle only regrows 24 times!
So if you pluck your white hair, it's considered one :(

Shall end this post with a photo my super cute and funny hairstylist, Tino!
Not sure if he really wore red and white everyday but really cute la hahas.
Coincidentally the baby pram (another customer's) was in red too lols.

Pro Trim Hair Salon @ 313
313@Somerset #B1-35/36,
313 Orchard Road
Singapore S238895

Contact: 6238 7027
Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 8:30 pm


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