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My Hair Journey with Pro Trim Hair Salon #4

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Hello! I'm back with another blogpost for Pro Trim.
This post actually consists of two visits (one week apart).


Visit One
Hait Cut + Volume Root + Mucota Soft Perm + Treatment

Getting a haircut by Tino!

P.S Spot the roots :/
It wasn't much of a problem to me at that point of time cause Selynn did highlights for me.
Also, I usually pin up my fringe or have side parting and everything just blends together.
But... after getting centre parting, the roots became much more obvious.
That's why I went back a week later to color it.

Volume Root treatment!
This is something rather popular in Korea!
Tino told me not many salons do this in Singapore reason being,
1. They are not trained for it (he practiced a lot daily)
2. It's a time-consuming treatment - small amount of hair had to curled by parts!

Next was Mucota Soft Perm for the ends!
They curled a lil more for my cause my hair is stubbornly straight :/

Lastly, a Kerastase Concentre Vita-ciment treatment!
My hair has been bleached, colored multiple times and now permed.
Time to get some pampering done :/

The final look!
:: Shorter hair to get rid of some of the frizzy ends
:: More volume at my roots (my hair roots are normally flat)
:: Soft perm to have my hair C-curve inwards
:: Softer hair after treatment (still a lil dry at the ends though)

They gave me a bottle of Moroccanoil!
This product is highly raved in the USA.
I've been loving this since they first used it on my hair (Pro Trim #2).
It has a subtle floral scent. It actually last for a few days even though I did wash my hair!
The best part was that it kept my hair really smooth!
You know how irritating it is when you apply hair oil using your hands they end up greasy?
You won't get the greasy part with Moroccanoil! It's a oil but not greasy at all!
Pro Trim sells it at only $69! Way cheaper than other salons that jack up the price.
I heard some actually sold it at $80/$100!
Anyways, I've been using this every day and my hair is way softer now!
My ends are very dry due to all the chemical treatments I did in the past.

Photo with Tino, he was doing the hair cut and perms for me that day.

A photo with Selyn cause we've never taken a proper photo before hahas.


Visit Two
Hair Color + Hair Cut

Before: bleach hair showing, thick hair 

After hair color: all nicely blended
Only had my roots and bleached ends colored.
Selyn is super pro at this - exact color at one try!
My previous hair dye was months back lols.

P.S Notice my volume root and c-curve perm are both still there
Okays the c-curve might not be as obvious cause perms usually don't last on bleached hair.
To make matters worse, I have stubbornly straight hair lols.
And to make matters even worse, my ends were very dry so they could only do a mucota soft perm.
That's why they did a tighter curl for me so that it would last longer.

After haircut: hair less thick and much lighter!
I'm back to side parting too hahas.
Btw, I like how tino always cuts my fringe!
He's super pro! My hair is safe with him hahas.

Before vs After
Nicely colored roots and ends, also less thick hair!

P.S Realized my roots are not flat in both photos?
All thanks to the volume root treatment done a week ago!

Anyways, I wanted to keep my hair long but my roots are dry we have to keep cutting them.
I guess I should start using conditioner :/ Yes, I don't normally use conditioners.
Now I've been spamming moroccanoil so my hair condition is much better!

Always busy! I went on Thursday and it was supposed to be a less busy day!
Btw I think quite a number of Koreans come here for haircut!
Everytime I visit Pro Trim, I will spot a korean customer there hahas.

Shall end off with a photo with Selyn and Tino :)
Do look for them if you want to have your hair colored/cut/treated/volumed!

Pro Trim Hair Salon @ 313
313@Somerset #B1-35/36,
313 Orchard Road
Singapore S238895

Contact: 6238 7027
Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 8:30 pm


  1. wow! nice hairdo! :)


  2. Hi, would you recommend root rebonding for flat hair? Do you know how much does ProTrim charge?

    1. Hi psawyer, I've never tried their rebonding before but I think root rebounding for flat hair can turn out differently depending on which type of rebonding you choose. I think the hairstylist would be able to recommend you based on the style you want. I'm not sure of their charges though. You might want to give them a call. :)

  3. Hey, any idea on the pricelist for Protrim colouring? And btw, how much did you spend there?

    1. Hi Samantha, you may call Pro Trim to check on the pricing as I cannot remember how much was spent. Sorry about it!