My Skin Care Journey with DRx #1

Friday, 11 January 2013

Those who follow my instagram and twitter should know how excited I was over something two days ago. I'm so excited about it that I'm sharing it with you all today!!

I shall officially start my series of...
Just something that I want to keep track of and also share with you all.
I thought hard whether to write this blogpost or not, cause writing this blogpost would mean that I have to be truthful to all of you and also show all of you my bare face. Most of the time I go out bare face (except for events). So my friends all know my skin condition. But I think this is one of the few times I am showing you all my bare face. The last time I showed was when during an advertorial when my skin didn't have much blemishes and redness captured by the camera) and also my USA photos cause my skin was okay in USA. But I think this clinic is really good and just have to share with you all! So continue reading and don't be frightened by my bare face okay?

I came across a review that Rachell wrote on her blog and I was telling my sister, "OMG her skin improved so much! I have to try this! I want pretty skin before CNY too!" Didn't have plans of blogging so soon actually. Wanted to see if there were results first. But my friend saw the photo of my products on instagram yesterday and he commented that it was really good. (Note that is a he, so guys you can consider this clinic too! It is not only for the ladies.) So I decided to start this skin care journey log to share with you all! Hope it will be as success as my friend and Rachell's skin!

Okays enough of my grandmother story of why I am writing this post.
Let's get to my first experience at the clinic?

The whole 16th floor of Tong Building (next to Paragon) belongs to DRx group!

The entrance of the clinic.
Very clean and pretty right?

Here is how the interior looks like. Very neat and atas looking =P
I didn't really take much photo of the clinic. First time there and shy okay.
But look at the number of people there! It is a wednesday 4pm and so many people are here!
And what Rachell say is true. The nurses and doctors there really do have flawless skin!

Details of the clinic:
(Just incase you want to give the clinic a try too)

The DRx Clinic (Singapore)
302 Orchard Road, 16th Floor
Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Centre)
Singapore 238862
Tel : (65) – 6733 1555
Mon to Fri : 10am to 8pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun & PH

Been having acne problems since I was in secondary school. I got recommended to many many different clinics in the past! All keep telling me that once I reach 21 all the acne should be gone. BUT HELLO? I AM GOING TO BE 22 ALREADY AND IT IS STILL HERE! It is like every time my relatives or friends see me, they will be like "Did you try XXX clinic? Got people say good leh". And every time I will be tempted to go and try. When I reach there the usual conversation will be:

Doctor: *looks at my face from his seat, not even close to my skin* Your acne might be due to hormonal changes. You want to try taking hormone pills eg. contraceptives?
Me: "Is there any non-pill solution?" (In my heart thinking "Of course I know contraceptive helps but I want a non-pill method then find you right? Since people say your clinic is good, you surely have a better method?")
Doctor: "Okay you go home and try xxx, xxx, xxx products and see if it works"

That's it! You pay $100+, take the products, go home, use the products daily. After finishing the products in a month, you still see no improvements in your skin at all! They don't even bother teaching you how to apply each other the products. Worst thing? Their products don't even state the ingredients used or any instructions on how to use!

BUT DRx clinic is different!
1. The doctor was really looking at my skin up close using a light.
2. Explain to you what type of products he will be giving and what are each of it's uses.
3. Nurses will explain how to use each of the products. Really one by one explanation - what it does, where to apply, where to avoid for each product, what to take note of.
I was really glad I gave this clinic a try.

My doctor is Dr David Ng.
Okays this photo is so small you can barely tell my skin condition from here.
Took a photo when I was still contemplating if I should blog about it (incase I decide to blog?).
Btw, one thing you should be able to see is that my face is rather red and of a diff color from my neck?

Truth is I got a little self concious too. First time someone is really LOOKING at my skin.
I mean none of the other doctors I've seen before has looked up close at my skin.
But this also means that the doctor is really meticulous. 
He is looking up close to see what is the real problem,
rather than looking from afar and guessing what the problem is.

At the end of the consultation, I was taught how to use every single product.
They will write all the steps of that paper in the photos above (for me to keep),
including areas that certain products have to avoid :)

Then I went to the dispensary area to wait for my products and also make my payment :)
Consultation fee is $50 for first visit and $25 for subsequent visits.
The consultation plus products cost me $406.31 in total inclusive of GST.

Some of you might think it is rather expensive. True. But if it is something that is really good, I don't see what is the harm. Plus the amount of products given at that cost can last for a few months! So if divide the total cost by a couple of months, it is actually not that expensive. I've spent a lot more on my skin. Thousands. Aunt said facial was good. So my parents got me a $999 facial package which wasn't helpful to my skin at all. Aunt said XXX brand was good. So my parents spent hundreds (about $200 for every 2-3 months) on those products but they were of little help, I still get breakouts frequently. Started swapping products here and there (thinking that my skin might have gotten used to the products and the products became no longer effective), did work a lil but still had a face full of acne. The acne just refuse to go, even though I spent thousands. For all I know, these money might had been spent on products which were not suitable for my skin (hence were not effective at all). Different people have different skin, what might be effective on someone, might not do the same for you! After all you are not a skin doctor and have no idea what is best for you. So please go and see a proper skin doctor and do not end up like me. Now I have a couple of sunken holes of my face due to past acne :(

* Warning! A photos of my bare face up next! *

An up close photo of my bare face (no edits at all),
and a photo of me with my products in a bag!
Acne, pigmentation, large pores, acne scars please be gone soon!
My horrible eye bags are another problem.
I wonder if they have any cures for that.
Maybe I should check with the doctor during my follow up next month.

Got a little curious and took one of the brochures there to read while waiting for my products.
Learnt that Derma-Rx products focuses on 3 main points:
Prime, Remedy, Protect
Prime: To prepare your skin
Remedy: To cure your problems
Protect: Protection you skin from harms

Here are my "Hauls" for the day!
Okok. They are the prescription I got from DRx Clinic.
All DermaRx products!

From left to right:
BC Blemish Care Cleanser $26.75
2 Toner $41.73
CF Comedone Formula $73.83
AB Alpha Beta Gel $70.62
ABM Anti-Blemish Mask $56.71
5B Liposomal Sunscreen SPF 30+ $59.92
ASL Acne Spot Lotion $26.75
prices inclusive of 7% GST

Wondering why there are all the codes BC, 2, CF, AB, ABM, 5B, ASL?
It is so you can easily call them to ask if they have ready stocks and also to buy at the dispensary.
Not everyone can pronounce words like comedone and liposomal right? 
Even I think I might have the wrong pronounciation. 
So all these codes make it alot easier as everyone there knows exact what each code meant!

Also, I tried different types of sunblocks there. My favorite would be the one I got (5B)! It was the least greasy and also not so thick :) Now I have a good and non-greasy sunblock for my skin! Must make myself use it everyday. Even if I am going out just for a short short while. Dr was telling me how harmful the UV rays from the sun is. It causes pre-mature age-ing, pigmentation and more! OMG!

I chanced upon their Facebook page one fine day on Facebook!
So if you have any questions, I think you can try asking them there.
They will definitely know more than I do ;)

That's all for this post. Will update you all again when my skin improves.
Been using the products for the past two days :)
If I have time, I will try to do (no promises) a video on the products too.
Hope it is useful to all you guys and girls out there! ;)
Towards a better skin in 2013! YAY!

Update (5th May):

Now for all you lovely readers, if you are keen in going to DRx clinic (new customers),
Whether it is for laser, for acne treatment, etc,
All you have to do is quote “Katelyn Tan”
and you will get your FIRST THREE consultation FREE! That is $100+ saved ;) * Only valid for new customers *


  1. Hi Katelyn,

    Just wanna find out do you need to go for their laser treatment?
    How about facial? is it necessary?

    1. Hello! :)

      They have different kind of laser treatments. I went for one to control acne already.
      You can find the blogpost here:

      It's actually not a need/must, but I want to cause I really want to get flawless skin without the help of makeup. I've got a couple of scars on my face and I want to get rid of them. Already arranged for my next treatment (which will have downtime), this will help reduce the scars on my skin.

      As for facial, I wouldn't say it is necessary. But it will be good to go. It's better to have the comedones removed before they turn into acne. That way, you can lessen the chances of having acne scaring. I've gone for DRx clinic's facial too. It's in the same post stated above ;)

      Hope it helps! :)

  2. Hello

    May I know how much is d laser treatment? From what used it seems to be v expensive... :(
    It comes in packages or?

    Lastly,each time you pay a visit to the clinic , u will need to pay for the consultation fee?

    Do reply ASAP thanks!

    1. Hi dear,

      With regards to the laser treatment, you can checkout this blogpost:

      All you have to do is to quote "Katelyn Tan" when you call to make your appointment to enjoy a first consultation free and a trial price of $600 for the laser treatment.

      And yes, for future visits to the clinic, you will have to pay for the consultation.

  3. Is your skin flawless now? Cus I wanna give drx a try..

    1. Hmm not exactly flawless. My acne is now controlled. I'm still undergoing treatments to remove scars :) The products helped to control and improve my skin condition while the laser treatments help to remove scars :) You can call them to make an appt if you wanna give drx a try. It's a free consultation anyways (if you quote me).

  4. Thanks! Does d CF really remove white heads and black heads?

    1. It sort of help to melt and loosen the comedones (black and white heads) :)

  5. Hi,I just wanna ask u smth....does ur acne treatment at drx required to take medications to control ur acne? Or just using the drx products?thx.

    1. Hello :) Nopes I didn't take any medication from DRx. There are medication options though.

  6. Hi,r u still using the drx products?? :) recently I went to d clinic..d consultation was quite short actually...n d staff dun seem to be happy when I didn't wanna buy d full range of products..when I quote ur name they like nt happy cus d consultation is being waved.. :(

    1. Hi :) Yupps I'm currently still using DRx products.

      Hmm yupps consultations don't really take up alot of time cause I guess the doctors there are professional enough to give a quick and accurate skin analysis. My consultations weren't that long either so no worries about that.

      With regards to the point about the nurses not being happy when you didnt buy the full range, could you provide me with your Clinic Registration Number/ name of consultant and date of visit/ NRIC and I will help you feedback to DRx Clinic about it :)

  7. Is it possible to just go down and purchase the products without consultations? thanks!

    1. Hi Linlin,

      I don't think that is possible though. Cause their practice is that different people have different skin types suited for different products. So they would ensure that everyone has a consultation with the doctor before getting the products. If you are a new customer at DRx, you can book an appointment and quote Katelyn Tan to get your first three consultation fees waived. When you book in advance, the waiting time won't be that long. And usually consultation time isn't that long too. So it won't take up alot of your time and you can get your products after that :)

  8. Hi katelyn! when is the FIRST THREE consultation FREE valid untils? :)

    1. Hi, they just got back to me a minute ago. I'm sry but it's no longer valid.

  9. Hi Kathelyn, I would like to know how is your skin condition now? Will it have side effect such as sensitive skin?? I wish to undergo laser treatment on my face but my family not allowed. Bcoz they heard a lot of negative feedback so I need your feedback to prove them.

    1. Hi 小鱼,

      My skin condition is still similar I would say. I started out with slightly sensitive skin that is very prone to acne. I used the products and they controlled my acne. After that then I went for lasers. I've went for 3 laser treatments and I don't think my skin became sensitive after the laser treatment. Many people have the impression that laser will thin the skin and make it sensitive. It's quite true but that depends on the downtime between each laser treatment.

      Also, it's important to go to a good doctor for laser treatments as they will know better. I won't be able to comment much whether your skin will be suitable. I know some people's skin aren't suitable and my doctor didn't allow them to do laser.

      If you are keen in doing laser treatments, maybe you can keep a look out for my upcoming blogpost :) Got a free consultation quote there ;)