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[Review] Hydro Therapeutics Facial at IDS Aesthetics

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Many of you have been writing to me and asking how I kept my acne under control. Here’s the trick - use the correct products for your skin and go for facials to clean your pores. The range of IDS Skincare that I’m using have been keeping my acne under control. However, sometimes stress or environment can clog up my pores, causing a breakout. When this happens, I will go to IDS Aesthetics for a facial and my skin will clear up and be under control again. By right I’m supposed to go for monthly or bi-monthly facials to maintain my skin. However, due to my schedule, I only visit when a breakout happen and I won’t recommend this cause… hyperpigmentation takes time to go away.

I haven’t been able to blog about the previous facials cause I can’t take proper photos with my eyes covered during facial hahahas. But this time, I made my bf visit IDS Aesthetics for a facial with me! Since both of us had our facials done, here is a review by him and her. Fyi, IDS Aesthetics has a really good promo (it’s more than 50% off), scroll to the end of the post to find out what it is!

#OOTD: Cool Winter in Taiwan

Thursday, 28 December 2017

I love traveling during the winter! Cause that's the only time I can escape the crazy heat in Singapore (other than staying in air-conditioned rooms of course). I can also do more layering and dress a little differently from how I normally dress in Singapore.

Since it's currently winter in other countries, here's another winter OOTD post from my recent trips to Taiwan! Depending on which part of Taiwan you are at, the temperature is about 20-25 degrees in Taiwan. The higher you are (i.e. Cingjing and Alishan), the colder it is. Do check the weather forecast and prep accordingly cause areas like Kenting can be 29 degrees!

OOTD #1: On The Go

Top: Green Uniqlo Top
Bottom: Black A&F denim jeans
Shoes: White Shoes

Places to Dine This Christmas

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Festive bells are ringing. It's the time where everyone will be busy setting up their Christmas trees, buying gifts for their family and friends and thinking of venues for their Christmas gatherings! Looking for a venue for your christmas gathering? Here are some places you can consider this Christmas for an afternoon tea, set meal or buffet!


Chef's Table by Capella Singapore

Have a special Festive Afternoon Tea at Chef's Table by Capella Singapore this year! Enjoy a quiet afternoon with your love ones or friends and celebrate this Christmas with a variety of handcrafted sweet and savoury petite festive treats, paired with unique tea choices.

#OOTD: Winter Wonderland in Korea

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Denims are a must have for me during winter. You might be thinking why denim, since it is not the best material for cold and wet weather. That's because... I only own denim jeans hahahas, yes, the only type of pants I own other than work pants. Also, I like fitting skinny jeans for winter cause I'm fat and wearing layers only makes things worse. In addition, denims are easy to match!

If it's really cold, I will wear a pair of slim thermal wear underneath (yes, heat techs) or buy a pair with an inner fleece layer. Trust me, the fleece layer will keep you really really warm. P.S Uniqlo Fleece Tops are a must-have for me for winter trips! 

OOTD #1: Classic Winter

Jacket: Black down jacket
Top: Sky blue uniqlo heat tech fleece
Bottoms: Blue denim jeans
Shoes: Wedge boots

Bag Decor Ideas

Monday, 20 November 2017

Need some ideas to brighten up your boring bag, protect your bag or perhaps to even hide that damaged bag handle? Here's some tips!

Get some iron on patches

Photo credit: Pinterest

Got some scratches on your bag? Consider ironing on some embroidery patches! You can even match the patches with the ones on your outfit/jeans!

[Targus Transit 360 Edition] What's In My Weekend Staycation Bag?

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

I love short weekend trips cause that's when I really get to relax and I will spend lesser. I like to try to travel light if possible but trust me, I always end up with two bags. So recently, I brought my Targus Transit 360 Spinner with me instead and it's so much more convenient!

#OOTD: Weekend Dates

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Ran out of outfit ideas for your weekend dates? To be honest, I'm usually in casual when I'm out with my bf. Everyday is a date even when we are in casual hahahas. But when we are out for a special occasion or plan to take lots of photos, I will dress up a little more. Here are some of my OOTDs from my weekend dates!

OOTD #1: Versatile Navy Blue

Well, navy blue can't go wrong. I always feel that navy blue is a really versatile colour. Depending on the type of accessories you wear/carry, you can look formal or smart casual in the same dress. Also, it's really easy to colour co-ordinate - I can easier match with a greyish blue bag and black wedges. Btw, when I want to be dressier, I will be in covered wedges or heels. Else, I'm usually in sandals!